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Inside The Backwards Ideology Driving The Right-Wing Militiamen Who Captured A Federal Building

(Clive) Bundy’s ideas about federal land use find no support in the Constitution, in Supreme Court precedent, or even in the views of one of America’s most prominent conservative institutions.


Ian Millhiser, Think Progress Now you can follow Evergreene Digest on Twitter .
 JJan 4, 2016 | Two interlocking issues drove what appears to be slightly more than a dozen armed men to seize control of a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service building in Oregon on Saturday evening. The first was the incarceration, release and eventual re-incarceration of two men convicted of arson by a federal court. The second is a much broader dispute over whether ranchers are free to encroach upon federal lands without interference by the federal government itself.

Yet, while a federal judge’s illegal sentence — and the appeals court’s order commanding him to increase that sentence — may have been the triggering event that sparked this small-bore insurgency in Oregon, it was also just a spark cast into an existing pile of explosives. The reality is that the right-wing insurgents behind this incident are driven by an ideological battle that stretches back many years, and that was most recently fought by anti-government rancher Cliven Bundy and his armed supporters during a famous standoff with federal officials in 2014.

Ian Millhiser is a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress Action Fund and the Editor of ThinkProgress Justice.

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Republican Rhetoric Has Gone Too Far

  • To me your every word is an incitement to a crime, your very vocabulary is a motivation for terrorism. You spread your own fear and loathing for political gain. You are to blame.
  • Part 1: "No more baby parts": where political lies inspire terrorist attacks
  • Part 2: Dear Republicans Words Do Effing Matter. I Do Blame You.

Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest 

Part 1: "No more baby parts": where political lies inspire terrorist attacks

“so any point where the rhetoric ramps up to the point [of] calculated cold-blooded assassination”

Frank Vyan Walton, Daily Kos

Sunday Nov 29, 2015 | Watching coverage of the shootings at the Colorado Springs, Co. Planned Parenthood this weekend, which followed the shooting of five Black Lives Matter protesters in Minneapolis, the beating of another BLM protestor by Trump supporters, the recently FBI foiled white supremacist plot to bomb black churches, investigation of facebook threats against Muslims, and an Irving, Texas Mosque being stalked and publicly outed by armed protesters there’s seems to be one thing the news media is afraid to say.  Something that in the wake of the attack in Paris by mostly homegrown members of Daesh was on everyone’s lips, dripping with contempt as the spat out the word.  But not so much now.

When an officer was shot and killed not long ago in Texas we heard this kind of outraged response from the local Sheriff.

Frank Vyan Walton is a member of Daily Kos.

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Part 2: Dear Republicans Words Do Effing Matter. I Do Blame You.

To me your every word is an incitement to a crime.

LaFeministaDaily Kos Nov 30, 2015 | I am tired of this, you have a stage, you have air time, you have a certain air of respectability, then all you do with that is preach hate supported by lies.

You build up the fear, you pour on the gasoline and strike the match.

Then when people die you stand up and claim

It has nothing to do with me, isn’t it just horrible, how could people do such a thing. 

LaFeminista is a member of Daily Kos.

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Ignorance Is Not Bliss: The Need for Civic Education in the United States

  • Failing to acquire an understanding history, culture, institutions, religion, economics, language, and how governmental processes work to help us critically analyze what is happening domestically and on the international front leads to bad candidates and poor decision-making.
  • It is time for some civic literacy in this country. Only then can we expect more of our candidates, our policies, and our future.
  • Flunking Civics: Why America's Kids Know So Little About How America Works

Robert Alexander, Huffington Post If you like reading this article, consider joining the crew of all reader-supported Evergreene Digest by contributing the equivalent of a cafe latte a month--using the donation button above—so we can bring you more just like it.  Mr. Fish


12/23/2015 | Recent discussion enveloping the Syrian refugee crisis has revealed many things. Nativism, xenophobia, intolerance, and genuine fear is alive and well in the USA. A recent survey revealed that 30 percent of Republicans support bombing the fictional country of Agrabah (the country from the Disney film Aladdin). While the headline makes it look like a large group of Republicans are crazy to want to bomb a fictional country, a close read of the story reveals that nearly 1 in 5 Democrats support bombing it too. That's right, large groups of both Republicans and Democrats support bombing a fictional country from a cartoon!

Such ignorance is exacerbated when school systems allow students to opt out of learning about the Muslim world. Suddenly, the film Wag the Dog seems easier to accomplish.

Robert Alexander, Professor of Political Science at Ohio Northern University, optimist, and pragmatist

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Flunking Civics: Why America's Kids Know So Little About How America Works, Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest

  • "Those under the age of 25 are less likely to vote than were their elders or younger people in previous decades … students also are less interested in public or political issues than were previous generations, and they exhibit gaps in their knowledge of fundamental democratic principles and processes." --Mark Hansen, American Bar Association Journal 
  • Part 1: Poll: Americans Not Equipped to Make Good Political Decisions
  • Part 2: Flunking Civics Should No Longer Be An Option



Bill Ayers Slams 'Criminal Activities' of Obama Administration

A leading figure in America’s New Left during the 1960s and 70s, Bill Ayers caused controversy during the 2008 presidential election because of his ties with Barack Obama. Seven years later, Ayers is one of the president’s harshest critics, telling Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear program about his many frustrations with the current administration.

Sputnik A distinguished educator and political activist, Bill Ayers is a co-founder of the Weather Underground, a self-described communist revolutionary group active during the Vietnam War. During the 2008 presidential election, the Weather Underground’s radical activities became fuel for the right wing, desperate to derail the campaign of then-Senator Barack Obama.

"Fortunately, I’ve lived through not only many decades, but also many episodes of being notorious in the national media. It’s not pleasant, but I don’t take it that seriously," Ayers told Loud & Clear. "What was created was a cartoon character, it wasn’t me, and I never confused the two."

Sputnik tells the untold. The agency is a provider of alternative news content.

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US political system designed to weed out truly progressive people - US Pres. Candidate.

The US presidential elections are just around the corner, the great fight for the seat of power. However, while Democrats and Republicans are all over the mainstream media, there are still those candidates who are forced out of the debate. The so-called "third parties" - what do they have to propose for the American people? Why is their agenda so scary for the Dems and GOPs that they try hard not to let their voice be heard? Today, we ask the US presidential candidate from the Green Party. Jill Stein is on Sophie&Co.

Sophie Shevarnadze, RT stay on top of important articles like these, sign up here to receive the latest updates from all reader supported Evergreene Digest. 28 Dec, 2015 | Sophie Shevarnadze:  U.S. presidential candidate from the Green Party, Jill Stein, welcome to the show, it's really  great to have you with us.

Jill Stein: Great to be with you Sophie.

SS: So, let's start with you: you have said that you would shut down the U.S. military bases around the world, you said you would pursue nuclear disarmament and end American involvement everywhere abroad. President Obama made similar pledges about Iraq, about Afghanistan, about Guantanamo. Why wasn't he able to fulfill his promises?

JS: Well, he had said many things in many areas. He has promised he would be a friend to working people, that he would be a friend of climate and environment, and, in fact, the first thing he did when he got the office was he bailed out Wall St. when everyday people badly needed his help. He's been a very compromised person from the beginning, he had come up through the system that selects people who are willing, basically, to sell their soul, he works for a party that is funded by predatory banks and fossil fuel companies and war profiteers - so his hands were tied from the get-go.

Sopho "Sophie" Shevardnadze is a correspondent for the television network RT. She is the granddaughter of former Georgian President and Soviet minister of foreign affairs Eduard Shevardnadze.

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