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American Society Would Collapse If It Weren’t For These 8 Myths

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  • Point is, in order to enforce this illogical, immoral system, the corrupt rulers—most of the time—don’t need guns and tear gas to keep the exploitation mechanisms humming along. All they need are some good, solid bullshit myths for us all to buy into, hook, line and sinker. Some fairy tales for adults.
  • It’s time to wake up.

Lee Camp, TruthDig / Popular Resistance Now you can follow Evergreene Digest on Facebook.


July 26, 2018| Our society should’ve collapsed by now. You know that, right?

No society should function with this level of inequality (with the possible exception of one of those prison planets in a “Star Wars” movie). Sixty-three percent of Americans can’t afford a $500 emergency. Yet Amazon head Jeff Bezos is now worth a record $141 billion. He could literally end world hunger for multiple years and still have more money left over than he could ever spend on himself.

Worldwide, one in 10 people only make $2 a day. Do you know how long it would take one of those people to make the same amount as Jeff Bezos has? 193 million years. (If they only buy single-ply toilet paper.) Put simply, you cannot comprehend the level of inequality in our current world or even just our nation. Camp is an American stand-up comedian, writer, actor and activist. Camp is the host of the weekly comedy news TV show “Redacted Tonight With Lee Camp” on RT America. He is a former comedy writer for the Onion and the Huffington Post and has been a touring stand-up comic for 20 years.

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Understanding the Immigrant Experience

  • Part 1: 12 Excellent Books to Understand the Refugee Experience
  • Twelve books touching on the refugee experience to offer you more insight and understanding.
  • Part 2: Public holds false views on immigration.
  • Americans and Europeans largely buy into right-wing stereotypes about immigrants. The reality is much less frightening.
  • Part 3: Refuting the Most Common Arguments Against Immigration
  • I … address these stereotypes and expunge … these untrue arguments used against immigration.

Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest
Part 1: 12 Excellent Books to Understand the Refugee Experience / Madrid, August 2016/Photo © Kristin Fritz

Twelve books touching on the refugee experience to offer you more insight and understanding.

Keith Rice, Signature February 6, 2017 | The global community is currently in the midst of a refugee crisis unlike anything seen since WWII. The Syrian Civil War has displaced millions, forcing nearly five million civilians to flee the war-torn country and leaving millions more adrift within its border. The United States has generally been at the forefront of refugee resettlement. However, as with so many issues since the inauguration of Donald Trump, our nation’s refugee program has been thrown into disarray. The president’s executive order halting immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries for ninety days while also halting refugee resettlement for 120 days and refugees from Syria indefinitely is largely a solution seeking a problem. Since the Refugee Act of 1980 created the current system of Refugee vetting, no refugee has been implicated in a single fatal terrorist attack.

The refugee experience is a well-documented and often heartbreaking one. Given the ongoing crisis and the prevalence of refugees as part of an ongoing national conversation – and the need for more compassion and empathy than ever – we’ve pulled together twelve books touching on the refugee experience to offer you more insight and understanding. Keith Rice is a  freelance writer currently residing in New York City with his lovely, if oft-exasperated, wife and two cats. When not writing about movies, Keith fosters an enthusiastic appreciation for beer and scotch, collects comics, and most importantly is an avid reader and movie lover.

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Part 2: Public holds false views on immigration. Honduran child and her mother, fleeing poverty and violence in their home country, as they wait along the border bridge after being denied entry from Mexico into the U.S. (Getty/Spencer Platt)

  • Why people believe Donald Trump’s immigration lies — and why it’s time to fight back with truth
  • Americans and Europeans largely buy into right-wing stereotypes about immigrants. Reality is much less frightening.

Amanda Marcotte, Salon

A big part of Donald Trump's strategy to whip up racist hysteria against immigrants is straight-up lying. Last weekend, for instance, Trump breathlessly declared on Twitter that he has "watched ICE liberate towns from the grasp of MS-13," a lie so ridiculously over the top it would be funny if so many people didn't believe it. Unfortunately, Trump knows his constant stream of tall tales about immigrant gangs controlling American cities will gain traction, no matter how often they're debunked in the media. Research indicates that the public is drastically misinformed about the nature of immigration in the 21st century, making many Americans easy marks for Trump's propaganda.

This week, a new workingpaperfrom Harvard economists was published in the National Bureau of Economic Research that illustrates how dire the situation really is. The researchers surveyed people in six countries — Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and the U.S. — and found that native-born people in all six nations had ideas about immigration that were drastically out of step with statistical realities and often much closer to negative stereotypes propagated by the right.

Amanda Marcotte is a politics writer for Salon. Her new book, "Troll Nation: How The Right Became Trump-Worshipping Monsters Set On Rat-F*cking Liberals, America, and Truth Itself," is out now.

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Part 3: Refuting the Most Common Arguments Against Immigration today, I want to just quickly address these stereotypes and expunge of these untrue arguments used against immigration and/or for the justification of deportation and the overall separation of immigrant children [from their parents].

Andy Gill, Patheos

Since 1996 the federal government has reportedly deported “at least 1000 people per day.” Personally, I had no idea until I watched this video that ICE has a quota of 400,000 deportations they’re required to meet annually.

Here’s the thing: I’m not saying that immigration is a black and white issue. What I am saying is that we need to be careful to not unnecessarily become self-defeatingly inhumane.

Andy Gill has studied theology for two years in Princeton and graduating from Eastern University stepped into pastoral ministry in southern California. His passion is to communicate on topics such as the pursuit of justice, equality, and how that interacts with one’s faith and theology.Currently he resides in Philadelphia and works with youth. He has been featured on sites such as Relevant  Magazine, Red Letter Christians, ThoughtCatalog, and others.

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Special Report | Trump Is in Major Legal and Political Trouble — His Desperate Attempts to Escape Could Lead America to Catastrophe.

  • While the time for freak-out is hopefully far in the future, imagining and gaming out our response to some of the worst-case and most extreme possibilities is not at all a hysterical reaction. If anything, it’s the essence of prudence.
  • What do you think he could do? And how should we best react?
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July 30 2018 | Is it now time to imagine how far Trump and his Republican cronies in Congress might be able to push things?  And how we, as Americans, might respond?

This isn’t the first time such a question has been raised.

Thom Hartmann  is a talk-show host and author of more than 25 books in print. He is a writing fellow at the Independent Media Institute.

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From  the Archives | The dangerous cult of Donald Trump, Chauncey DeVega, Salon / AlterNet

Scholar Reza Aslan Explains Why It's Time to Treat Trump As An Enemy of the State -- Before It's Too Late enlighten others. Be sure to pass this on to friends and kin. We must break the system's  ability to lie with impunity.