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How Single-Payer Will Be Achieved

Though such reforms are now considered common sense, the Democrats can't and won't deliver. Only a mass independent political force—with single payer placed at the top of its agenda—is capable of winning this fight. 

Antonio Balmer, the Socialist Revolution

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October 19, 2017 | “A political struggle is in its essence a struggle of interests and forces, not of arguments.” —Trotsky, Revolution Betrayed

Firing the opening shot in his new offensive in the battle for single-payer, Bernie Sanders presented his open-and-shut case in a New York Times Op-Ed piece:

“Do we, as a nation, join the rest of the industrialized world and guarantee comprehensive healthcare to every person as a human right? Or do we maintain a system that is enormously expensive, wasteful and bureaucratic, and is designed to maximize profits for big insurance companies, the pharmaceutical industry, Wall Street and medical equipment suppliers?”

Although every sector of the capitalist economy without exception can be described as “enormously expensive, wasteful and bureaucratic, and designed to maximize profits for big [companies and] Wall Street,” the US healthcare crisis is unrivalled in its glaring absurdity as an expression of capitalism’s historical impasse. With annual revenues of $3.3 trillion, the healthcare industry accounts for nearly a fifth of US GDP.

Antonio Balmer writes for the Socialist Revolution the publication of the International Marxist Tendency in the United States.

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How Big Medicine can ruin Medicare for all, Phillip Longman, the Guardian

‘Health care delivery in the United States a generation ago was still in many ways a cottage industry.’ Photograph: Michael Reynolds/EPA

The pursuit of a ‘single-payer’ healthcare system in the United States will degenerate into corporate welfare unless America takes on healthcare monopolies.


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How Big Medicine can ruin Medicare for all

‘Health care delivery in the United States a generation ago was still in many ways a cottage industry.’ Photograph: Michael Reynolds/EPA

The pursuit of a ‘single-payer’ healthcare system in the United States will degenerate into corporate welfare unless America takes on healthcare monopolies.

Phillip Longman, the Guardian  Your Healthcare Provider

Saturday 20 October 2017 | In 2013, Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-described “democratic socialist,” couldn’t find a single co-sponsor for his healthcare plan, which would replace private insurance with Medicare-like coverage for all Americans regardless of age or income.

Today, the roll call of supporters for his latest version includes the leading lights of the Democratic party, including many with plausible presidential aspirations. It’s enough to make an exasperated Dana Milbank publish a column in the Washington Post under the headline ‘The Democrats have become socialists’.

But have they? Actually, no.

Phillip Longman is a lecturer at Johns Hopkins University, and the policy director at the Open Markets Institute. He is also a senior editor at the Washington Monthly.

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Sanders’ phony “Medicare for all” proposal: A cover for Democratic Party deals with Trump, Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest Flickr Creative Commons / Public Citizen)

  • Part 1: Sanders' health care bill: A cover for Democratic Party deals with Trump
    • The Sanders “Medicare for all” legislation is an attempt to disguise reactionary maneuvers, each of them aimed at subordinating the health care of millions of people to the profit interests of big business, behind pie-in-the-sky promises that neither Sanders nor any of his co-sponsors take seriously.
  • Part 2: Sanders’ phony “Medicare for all” proposal
    • The working class must organize politically to take the drug companies, hospitals, insurance companies, and medical technology firms away from the current owners and place the industry under the control of a workers' government, establishing truly socialized medicine in America.



With New Directive, Pruitt Bars Scientists Who Aren't 'In the Pocket of Corporate Polluters' From EPA Advisory Boards

Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt answers reporters' questions during a briefing at the White House June 2, 2017 in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Critics slammed the move as a "hostile takeover of science-based policymaking" by the Trump administration.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017 | In an "unprecedented" move that critics say will "undermine independent science," amplify the voices of those representing the fossil fuel industry, and put public health at risk, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief Scott Pruitt on Tuesday signed a directive that bars scientists who have received federal grants from serving on the EPA's advisory boards.

"Pruitt doesn't want to listen to a word from anyone who isn't in the pocket of corporate polluters."  —Michael Brune, Sierra Club

Justifying the new rule, which will take effect immediately, Pruitt suggested that the research of scientists who have received federal money lacks objectivity and gives off "the appearance of conflict."

Jake Johnson, staff writer, Common Dreams

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Tomgram: Michael Klare, The New Face of "War" at Home

  • Beyond Harvey and Irma: Militarizing Homeland Security in the Climate-Change Era
  • Our potential saviors, at a moment when the very environment that has for millennia welcomed humanity is up for grabs, might be thought of as the Keystone Cops of the twenty-first century.

Michael T. Klare, TomDispatch

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Dave Culver and Crew 17, 2017 | Deployed to the Houston area to assist in Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, U.S. military forces hadn’t even completed their assignments when they were hurriedly dispatched to Florida, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands to face Irma, the fiercest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean. Florida Governor Rick Scott, who had sent members of the state National Guard to devastated Houston, anxiously recalled them while putting in place emergency measures for his own state. A small flotilla of naval vessels, originally sent to waters off Texas, was similarly redirected to the Caribbean, while specialized combat units drawn from as far afield as Colorado, Illinois, and Rhode Island were rushed to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Meanwhile, members of the California National Guard were being mobilized to fight wildfires raging across that state (as across much of the West) during its hottest summer on record.

Michael T. Klare is a professor of peace and world security studies at Hampshire College and the author of Resource Wars and Blood and Oil. Consider this essay a preview of his newest book, Rising Powers, Shrinking Planet: The New Geopolitics of Energy, which has just been published by Metropolitan Books.

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The Enormous Emotional Toll of Trumpism,d_placeholder_euli9k,h_1440,w_2560,x_0,y_0/dpr_2.0/c_limit,w_740/fl_lossy,q_auto/v1507386774/171007-reid-trump-fatigue-hero_gwipf4

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast

  • For many Americans – many humans – Trump’s presidency can often feel unbearable.
  • Every day it’s something. Or 10 somethings. Can we really live with three more years of this, let alone seven?
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10.07.17 | At a certain point, the distaste becomes exhaustion. Donald Trump’s presence in our national life has been alternately infuriating, embarrassing, revolting, gross and bizarre. His non-stop assaults on our political norms are testing our capacity to sustain constant outrage without giving in to despair.

I meet victims of Trump fatigue everywhere. They stop me in airports and restaurants and on the street and ask how long we’ll have to put up with this madness – when will Bob Mueller finally bring him down, and how much more can our systems bend before they break. When I tell them Trump is likely to clamor on until either the 2018 election slows him down or the 2020 election stops him (or if Russian interference, non-white voter suppression and liberal perfectionism succeed again, ‘til he terms out in 2024), the look on their faces is something akin to terror.,h_200,w_200,x_0,y_0/v1489782104/author/151013-joy-reid-author.jpg Joy-Ann Reid is the host of "AM Joy" on MSNBC and the author of "Fracture: Barack Obama, the Clintons and the Racial Divide."

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What Trump and His Team Have Wrecked So Far, Karin Kamp and Kristin Miller, Moyers & Company 

Here's a roundup from our "While He Was Tweeting" series.