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Kucinich to Congress: We're Being Lied Into Another Iraq in Iran


  • "Are they (Iran) trying to develop a nuclear weapon? No." -Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta
  • Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today (Feb 3) sent the following message to his colleagues in Congress.
See video here.
  • ABC's Iran Propaganda
  • How the Media Is Taking Us Toward War With Iran

David Swanson, War Is A Crime

Submitted by Evergreene Digest Assistant Editor Jeanette Eastman
Dear Colleague:

During an interview last month on CBS’ Face the Nation, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta set the record straight on Iran:  “Are they trying to develop a nuclear weapon? No.”  But if you read recent news reports lately, you’d think otherwise.

The media coverage on Iran is mirroring the coverage in the lead-up to the Iraq war: grand claims about a smoking gun that doesn’t exist.  For example, the New York Times incorrectly reported last month that the latest International Atomic Emergency Agency (IAEA) report on Iran concluded that their nuclear program had a military objective.  The paper’s public editor, Arthur Brisbane, was forced to acknowledge their mistake and wrote: “Some readers, mindful of the faulty intelligence and reporting about Saddam Hussein’s weapons program, are watching the Iran nuclear coverage very closely.”  Other media outlets such as National Public Radio, PBS and the Washington Post have been challenged on their coverage too.



See video here.

ABC's Iran Propaganda
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How the Media Is Taking Us Toward War With Iran, David Swanson, War Is a

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