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Mitt Romney's Plan to Woo Female Voters: Pretend Women Are Very Stupid

  • Romney seems to assume that women don't care about sexual rights. But reproductive issues impact almost all women.
  • President Obama: Sign the Executive Order Banning Discrimination in GLBT Employment

Amanda Marcotte, AlterNet

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Photo Credit: C-SPAN
Mitt Romney has finally accepted that he has lady problems. After blithely dismissing suggestions that he might lose female voters by embracing radical antichoice positions that extend beyond just merely opposing abortion rights into attacking contraception, Romney has finally had to face up to a rapidly widening gender gap in the polls. One poll has Obama besting Romney in a dozen critical states by 18 points with female voters. Female voters seem to be hearing the Democratic claim that Republicans are waging a war on women, most likely because there’s heavy evidence showing that’s exactly what’s going on.

In response, Romney’s strategy has been to argue, “Nuh-uh! It’s you guys who are waging a war on women!” To shore up this childish and farcical argument, Romney’s team is hiding behind Ann Romney, pretending she’s being victimized for her sainted motherhood. More disturbingly, the campaign has circulated the claim that women have suffered massive job losses under Obama, implying that Obama is pretty much out to separate the female worker from her job. The implication is that women are too busy worrying about economic concerns to pay much mind to the Republican assault on reproductive rights and that Romney somehow is a better sell to women on economics.



President Obama: Sign the Executive Order Banning Discrimination in GLBT Employment,

  • We’re sick of our jobs and relationships being played for politics, and we know you are too. We’re making an issue of this today.
  • Will you join us in demanding that Obama immediately sign the Executive Order to protect LGBT workers?