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Neoliberalism Has Created New System of Dual Citizenship for the Poor and the 1%

  • The exit from a dystopian future does not rest with a brave individual or a small group of high tech activists who undermine the state. Rather, it rests in winning the confidence of millions that there is an alternative to chaos and dystopia that is not to be found in one or another variant of authoritarianism. This is the challenge for the global Left . 
  • The United States of Cruelty
  • America's Disgusting, Boundless Hatred for Poor People

Bill Fletcher, Jr., Alternet

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May 29, 2015 | In a lecture at Harvard during my freshman year, a professor—who may have been Martin Peretz—offered an insight that left a profound impact upon me. “Citizen,” the professor noted, was a unique and quite revolutionary concept. Different from many other terms, e.g., “comrade,” the notion of citizen implied a specific relationship between an individual and the polity. It specifically suggested a role for the individual within a state system in which said individual was a participant/actor rather than an observer.


Since the resurrection of the concept of “citizen,” in the context of the French Revolution, the term along with “citizenship” has been contested terrain.(1) There is no universally accepted criteria as to how one becomes a citizen of a nation-state. Countries differ greatly on whether being born in a particular territory is sufficient for such definition; under what conditions one can apply to become a citizen; how and under what circumstances can one’s children become citizens? These questions are not answered the same way in any number of Earth’s nation-states.

Bill Fletcher, Jr. is the host of the Global African on Telesur-English, the author of They’re Bankrupting Us: And Twenty Other Myths About Unions, and the co-author of Solidarity Divided: The Crisis in Organized Labor and a New Path to Social Justice.

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The United States of Cruelty, Charles P. Pierce, Esquire

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America's Disgusting, Boundless Hatred for Poor People, Brittney Cooper, Salon

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