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Police body cameras will not change the culture of racism in America


  • Ultimately, we must push our thinking beyond the individual. If our goal is justice, then we need to imagine a legal system that encompasses more than individual accountability and individual punishment. Unfortunately, body cameras don’t result from the kind of critical and imaginative thinking we need to challenge racism at a systemic scale.
  • Angry Grandpa Cannot Contain His Fury After Watching a Cop in His Town Kill An Innocent Man

Agatha Beins, Quartz <>

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The issues run deep. (Reuters/Brendan McDermid)/man-and-cops1.jpg?w=1600

April 17, 2015 | “It’s not the camera; it’s the culture,” the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. said April 11 during his weekly Rainbow PUSH forum aired nationwide from Chicago. Emphasizing this distinction, Jackson uttered the phrase twice when discussing the murder of Walter Scott by North Charleston, South Carolina, police officer Michael Slager.

Politicians and police departments have turned toward the body camera to improve relations between police officers and the communities they serve and to lessen violence perpetrated by—and we hope against—police officers. But it will take more than body cameras, police dashboard cameras, and cameras installed in public places to make people feel safer. Increasing surveillance is not enough.

Agatha Beins is an Assistant Professor and public voices fellow at Texas Woman's University where she teaches women’s studies.

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Angry Grandpa Cannot Contain His Fury After Watching a Cop in His Town Kill An Innocent Man, Cassandra Fairbanks, Free Thought Project

“He was shot five times in the back, and he’d have gotten away with it. He would have completely gotten away with it if that gentleman hadn’t had his camera on his phone and he actually filmed what happened, that man would have gone free! He would have been called a hero! 'I feared for my life.' No,  you bastard you shot and killed an innocent man, over a tail light? Over a brake light being out?! First of all you tased him, and when the man got scared and ran, you shot him! You murdered him!” Green screams.