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Race & Ethnicity

Race & Ethnicity

Why Berkeley’s Battle Against White Supremacy Is Not About Free Speech

UC Berkeley faculty members shared conflicting viewpoints on issues of hate speech and white supremacy Friday at a panel on free speech hosted by Chancellor Carol Christ. Yukun Zhang / Staff

The clashes between the alt-right and antifascist protesters at Berkeley cannot be taken out of the context of the climate of terror that has been brewing since white-nationalist and Nazi flyers began to appear at over 100 college campuses across the country after the election of Donald Trump.

Meleiza Figueroa and David Palumbo-Liu, Liberty Tree Foundation in Asheville (NC) Progressive  Bringing the movement to you

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Despite (and in reaction to) all the hate, fear and bluster emanating from the White House, there are powerful movements building across the country.

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September 10, 2017 | Outrage at the murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville and wanton attacks on peaceful students, clergy, and people of color at the hands of white supremacists kicked off nationwide protests against racist violence, which led to the cancellation of dozens of right-wing rallies and the fall of Confederate monuments from Durham to San Diego. There is much hope in the undeniable public support to resist the so-called alt-right. Yet confrontations at the University of California, Berkeley, have polarized activists on how best to oppose these movements of hate and bigotry.

On August 27, several thousand Bay Area students, teachers, and community members attended the “Rally Against Hate,” which was organized by an unprecedented coalition of over 100 campus, labor, interfaith, community justice, and socialist/anarchist groups. Despite the mostly peaceful character of the demonstration, the media focused overwhelmingly on a few instances of violent skirmishes, painting Berkeley as a hotbed of far-left extremism.

Meleiza Figueroa, Liberty Trees's newest fellow, worked as the Press Director for the Stein/Baraka 2016 Presidential campaign and is Executive Producer of the Green News Network.
David Palumbo-Liu is the Louise Hewlett Nixon Professor, and Professor of Comparative Literature, at Stanford University.  He is also the founding editor of the e-journal, Occasion: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities and a Contributing Editor for The Los Angeles Review of Books.

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To Defeat Racism, We All Need to Dismantle Racial Capitalism

  • Poor and working people can build power by banding together across racial boundaries and fighting for radical issue and electoral campaigns. (Scott Eisen/Getty Images)
  • White people must stand alongside us on the front lines.
  • Challenging the “White Ally” Model

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 August 25, 2017 | This month’s white supremacist rally and deadly attack in Charlottesville again reminded millions of white Americans that racism did not, in fact, end with the 2008 election of Barack Obama. In the wake of the recent events in Virginia, there has been lively debate over white people’s proper role in joining in the fight against white supremacy. This is understandable. After all, people of color have reason to question whether those who took so long to acknowledge the existence of racism can be trusted to fight against it. white supremacy is a system that does more than just oppress people of color. It serves to divide us and keep poor and working people from building the power necessary to create a more equitable world. We should be wary of calls for white folks to step to the side because they’re not victims of racial prejudice. This approach isn’t just wrong-headed—it lets white people off the hook. They need to fight on the front lines for racial justice alongside the rest of us.

Rafael Diaz is a lifelong Pennsylvanian and organizes in Lancaster and York counties for Keystone Progress, Student Action, and Lancaster Stands Up.

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5 Things the Mainstream Media Missed About Charlottesville

Neo-Nazis and white supremacists scuffled gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12. (Photo by Albin Lohr-Jones/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

  • We can’t ignore the long history of white supremacist violence—and anti-fascist organizing.
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August 19, 2017 | While the media focused closely on the spectacle of white polos and khaki pants worn by the killer, most sources missed a long backstory of far-right political violence.

White supremacists’ coup on the culture may have hit its zenith with the August 12 “Unite the Right” rally—a convergence of far-right groups that ended with racist attacks, dozens of injuries and three dead. In the firestorm of controversy that followed the fascist onslaught in Charlottesville and Trump’s open support for keeping the Confederate monuments in place, a number of important issues have gone under-reported across mainstream news outlets.

Shane Burley is a writer and filmmaker based in Portland, Oregon. His work as appeared in places such as In These Times, Truth-Out, Labor Notes, ThinkProgress, Roar Mag, and Upping the Anti. He is the author of forthcoming book Fascism Today: What It Is and How We End It (AK Press, 2017).

Alexander Reid Ross is a lecturer in geography at Portland State University and the author of Against the Fascist Creep (AK Press, 2017). His articles have been published in ROAR Magazine, Waging Nonviolence, Think Progress, and Truthout.

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How To Fight Establishment Propaganda Machines Like NPR  And Win, Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest

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