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Race & Ethnicity

Race & Ethnicity

‘We Must Actively Stand Up’: John Angelos’ Response to Racism at Fenway Park

Baltimore Orioles player Adam Jones at a game against the Tampa Bay Rays in Baltimore, Maryland, on April 25, 2017. (AP Photo / Patrick Semansky)

The Baltimore Orioles COO has had enough of racism at the ballpark and enough of a society that is breeding more and more hate.

Dave Zirin, the Nation

May 2, 2017 | On Monday night, a large group of “fans” at Boston’s Fenway Park called Baltimore Orioles All-Star outfielder Adam Jones a n—– from the outfield seats and one threw a bag of peanuts at him. The incident has provoked widespread uproar. Here is an exclusive comment about the incident from Baltimore Orioles COO John Angelos. People may remember Angelos from his intensely just and political response to the killing of Freddie Gray while in police custody in 2015. (What follows) needs to be read and reread.

For what it is worth and since you asked, and speaking as one man and for myself here, my thoughts on incidents of this sad and tragic kind and what they represent today are the following. Dave Zirin The Nation’s sports editor, is the author of eight books on the politics of sports, most recently, Brazil’s Dance with the Devil: The World Cup, The Olympics, and the Fight for Democracy. Named one of UTNE Reader’s “50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Our World,”

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How (and how not) to address racism in the church

  • As the Black Lives Matter movement and immigration concerns continue to shine the national spotlight on racism in the United States, surely church leadership shouldn’t be taking a step back.  
  • A pastoral letter from the U.S. bishops won’t solve racism. Becoming an intercultural church might.

A U.S. Catholic interview Alternative media is under attack. However, you can help us change that by becoming a member of Evergreene Digest.

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Please chip in, sign up and get on board <> with Evergreene Digest now!. You are needed and welcome here. May 2017 | In 1979 the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) issued a pastoral letter on racism entitled “Brothers and Sisters to Us.” It was significant because it was the strongest statement by the U.S. bishops declaring racism a sin. However, a problematic title to this otherwise dynamic document seemed to perpetuate exactly this racial “us” versus “them” the document itself was trying to alleviate. Just who is “us”? critics asked, pointing out how the title implied that the American church’s membership and leadership was of European descent. Where were the black, Asian, and Latino Catholics in the conversation? 

It’s been almost 40 years since that document, and tense race relations in the church and society have anything but subsided. Father Simon Kim, a Korean American priest and theologian who has researched racism in the church and is currently serving on the committee drafting the upcoming bishops’ document on racism, believes that the church has “taken a decline, a step back from the momentum of the ’79 document, and we’re not doing as much or anything substantial or relevant right now.” 

U.S. Catholic: With a strong focus on social justice, we offer a fresh and balanced take on the issues that matter most in our world, adding a faith perspective to such challenges as poverty, education, family life, and pop culture.

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Profile in cowardice: Donald Trump will take no responsibility for the wave of hate crimes he has inspired

Donald Trump; Adam Purinton; Sean Spicer (Credit: Reuters/Joshua Roberts/AP/Johnson County Sheriff's Office/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

  • Any correlation between Trump's rhetoric and the hate crime in Kansas is "absurd," White House says. Really?
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Chauncey DeVega, Salon Tuesday, Feb 28, 2017 The Trump administration does not believe that white supremacists are “terrorists.” As such, it recently decided to shift federal resources away from tracking them.

Rep. Sean Duffy, a Wisconsin Republican and onetime reality-TV star, believes that acts of terrorism committed by white supremacist and right-wing militias are somehow “not the same” as similar acts committed by Islamist groups such as ISIS.

These supposed distinctions did not help save Srinivas Kuchibhotla, an Indian engineer killed in Olathe, Kansas, by Adam Purinton, a white man who apparently believed Kuchibhotla was Iranian. 

Chauncey DeVega is apolitical staff writer for Salon.

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Trump Scrubs Civil Rights, LGBTQ Rights, Climate Change from, David A. Love, The Grio / Black Commentator

  • "These dramatic changes to the White House website mirror the drastic and draconian cuts this president plans to make to the government. To sum it up, he’s getting rid of everything."
  • Censorship already begun.
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Insane Betsy DeVos Press Release Celebrates Jim Crow Education System as Pioneer of “School Choice”

It sounds like a seventh-grader wrote this, which is perhaps what happens when you put someone who has never really had a real job in charge of the Department of Education.

Ben Mathis-Lilley, Slate you like reading this article, consider joining the crew of all reader-supported Evergreene Digest by contributing the equivalent of a cafe latte a month--using the donation button in the above right-hand corner—so we can bring you more just like it. 28, 2017 | Donald Trump met Monday at the White House with the leaders of a number of historically black colleges and universities. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos commemorated the meeting with one of the more bonkers statements you will ever see a 21st century politician make, somehow twisting an attempt to bring up her pet issue of school choice into praise for the segregated higher education system of the Jim Crow South.

First of all, it sounds like a seventh-grader wrote this, which is perhaps what happens when you put someone who has never really had a real job in charge of the Department of Education. Second, this official 2017 federal government press release celebrates legal segregation (!!!) on the grounds that the Jim Crow education system gave black students "more options," as if there was a robust competition between HBCUs and white universities for their patronage. (When black Mississippian James Meredith chose the "option" of enrolling at the University of Mississippi in 1962, a massive white mob formed on the campus; two people were shot to death and hundreds injured in the ensuing battle/riot, during which federal marshals came under heavy gunfire, requiring the ultimate intervention of 20,000 U.S. soldiers and thousands more National Guardsmen.)

Ben Mathis-Lilley edits the Slatest. 

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Last Moments of the Standing Rock Protest as Police Arrest 10 'Water Protectors'

  • Part 1: #NoDAPL Live Blog: Police Arrest 10 ‘Water Protectors’ at Oceti Sakowin Camp
  • Most water protectors have left the site, turning it into a ghost town.
  • Part 2: These gut-wrenching pictures of the last moments of the Standing Rock protest will break your heart.
    • This is the end of the Standing Rock camp. For now.

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Part 1: #NoDAPL Live Blog: Police Arrest 10 ‘Water Protectors’ at Oceti Sakowin Camp A tepee burns at Oceti Sakowin Camp in Standing Rock, N.D. In the face of imminent ouster by government authorities, “water protectors” torched several tepees. (Donald Kaufman / Truthdig)

Most water protectors have left the site, turning it into a ghost town.

Truthdig Truthdig Editor’s note: Truthdig contributor Donald Kaufman is currently on the ground at Oceti Sakowin Camp in North Dakota. Read previous coverage of the #NoDAPL demonstrations here. See multimedia updates via Evrybit.

Feb 22, 2017 | 1:40 a.m. PST (2/23/2017): CNN reports that 10 people were arrested in total on Wednesday, although earlier reports had stated nine had been detained. CNN also reports,

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum said "the remaining 25 to 50 or protesters holding out in the Oceti Sakowin camp site will be allowed to leave without being arrested so contractors can continue cleaning up the protest site near the controversial 1,172-mile long pipeline. Those who refuse to leave will be arrested.”

Truthdig: A Progressive Journal of News and Opinion 

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Part 2: These last moments of the Standing Rock protest will break your heart.

This is the end of the Standing Rock camp. For now.


Thu, 02/23/2017 | After a Trump administration executive order, the Army Corps of Engineers ordered protesters to vacate the camp by 2 p.m. local time on Feb. 22, 2017. Authorities were set to physically remove everyone in the way of the Dakota Access Pipeline's construction upon sacred Native American land.

“People have said their last prayers, and offered cedar to the sacred fire and are also burning these structures we have ceremonially built, so they must be ceremonially removed,” Vanessa Castle of the Lower Elwha Klallam tribe told the Seattle (WA) Times.

Upworthy: on a mission to change to that which the world pays attention.

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