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Race & Ethnicity

Race & Ethnicity

Clinton's Hold on Minorities Slipping*

  • The Clinton campaign is in the midst of an historic collapse — much of it due to the unraveling of support for Clinton among nonwhite voters — and the national media has yet to take any notice.
  • “Hillary is certain to insult the Sandernistas – just as her husband and political soul mate insulted Blacks, in order to prove her “centrist” bona fides to white Republicans.”
  • Part 1: Hillary’s Support Among Nonwhite Voters Has Collapsed
  • Part 2: Bill Clinton Insults Blacks in Order to Build Hillary’s “Big Tent” Party

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Part 1: Hillary’s Support Among Nonwhite Voters Has Collapsed

There simply is no evidence available to suggest that Hillary Clinton’s robust coalition of nonwhite voters still exists — certainly not in anything like the form it was just four weeks ago. 

Seth Abramson, Huffington Post / LA Progressive | On February 27th, Hillary Clinton led Bernie Sanders among African-American voters by 52 points.

By March 26th, she led Sanders among African-Americans by just nine points.

And today, Public Policy Polling, a widely respected polling organization, released a poll showing that Sanders leads Clinton among African-American voters in Wisconsin by 11 points.

Seth Abramson is the Series Editor for Best American Experimental Writing (Wesleyan University) and the author, most recently, of DATA (BlazeVOX, 2016).

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Part 2: Bill Clinton Insults Blacks in Order to Build Hillary’s “Big Tent” Party

Bill Clinton’s premeditated assault on Black Lives Matter was part of the strategy to woo White Republican voters to his wife’s “big tent” campaign, in November. Bill jumped the gun, itchy for the Democrats to make their classic rightward shift. He and Hillary share the same political brain. “At some point in the campaign, she was bound to stage a dramatic display of ‘independence’ from Black Lives Matter – or have her husband do it.”

Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report, 04/13/2016 | Bill Clinton’s tirade against Black Lives Matter demonstrators in Philadelphia, last week, signals that his wife’s inner circle is having great difficulty resisting the urge to lunge rightward into general election campaign mode to scoop up the millions of Republican voters disaffected by Donald Trump. For months, corporate Democratic strategists have been salivating over the prospects of building a super-party – the ultimate “big tent” – from the ashes of a disintegrating GOP. They calculate that the numbers of suburban Republican “moderates” that can be won over to the Democrats in November is greater than potential defections from the party by disgruntled Sandernistas. The Black vote does not even count in this equation, on the assumption that they have nowhere else to go.

There is no question that Bill Clinton’s attempt to create another Sister Souljah moment,” as the Washington Post’s James Hohmann put it, was dangerously premature. The hordes of Trump-traumatized Republican defectors to the Democrats are still theoretical, while polls show that about a quarter of Sanders’ supporters say they will not vote for Clinton in November if she wins the nomination. Plus, now that the primaries have moved out of the South, larger percentages of Black Democrats are willing to the be swayed by Sanders. The Philadelphia episode will have an impact on their decisions.

Glen Ford, Executive Editor, Black Agenda Report

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Jamar Clark case: Freeman played dog-whistle politics in communicating the narrative

  • Whether intentional or unintentional, the county attorney's presentation was peppered with gratuitous coded language designed or defaulted to dehumanize Clark. 
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Steven L. Belton, Miinneapolis (MN) Star-Tribune April 6, 2016 | Forty years ago when I was in law school, one of my professors went out of his way to integrate and sometimes code inappropriate remarks, including racist commentary, in his lectures. Over the course of the semester, I finally had enough and asked him to stop. I argued, unsuccessfully, that I was burdened with twice the work of my classmates (who were either outside the scope of his vitriol or oblivious to it), because like everyone else, I had to listen to his lectures for substance, but also for offense.

I was reminded of that experience this past week when Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman explained his rationale for not prosecuting the two Minneapolis police officers responsible for shooting and killing Jamar Clark. That announcement has divided and polarized the community like no other legal argument in recent memory. Radio and television reports, newspaper editorials, commentary and letters to the editor, social media, and old-fashioned water-cooler conversations have figuratively blown up with contention over the merits or lack of merits of Freeman’s decision.

Steven Belton is president and chief executive officer of the Minneapolis Urban League.

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The Talk, Devin C. Hughes, Upworthy

For black families, this tough conversation can be the difference between life or death.


American Crossroads: Reagan, Trump and the Devil Down South, Ben Fountain, Guardian <>

How the Republican party’s dog-whistle appeal to racism, refined by Richard Nixon and perfected by Ronald Reagan, led inexorably to Donald Trump.

The Talk

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Devin C. Hughes, Upworthy

March 28, 2016 | A 2007 study by the Department of Justice found that blacks and Hispanics were about three times as likely to be searched during a traffic stop. Blacks are also twice as likely to be arrested and nearly four times as likely to experience the threat or use of force during interactions with police.

Devin C. Hughes: I'm a speaker, author, and storyteller who works with a variety of leaders, groups, organizations, and teams that have a desire to break down enterprise-wide cultural barriers, improve personal and organizational performance, and enhance communication through greater self-awareness and understanding of one another.

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The Democratic Road to Black Ruin

Democratic Party operatives claim that Blacks are voting “strategically” when they support the corporate warmonger Hillary Clinton for president. The reality is, Blacks believe only Clinton has the money and organization to beat the White Man’s Party – the GOP.  But, only two outcomes are possible from such a “strategy”: “either the triumph of the White Man’s Party, or electoral victory for Black people’s worst enemies among the Democrats.”

Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report Wed, 03/23/2016 | Without overwhelming Black support, especially in the South, Hillary Clinton could not have achieved her insurmountable lead over the Democratic challenger from her left, Bernie Sanders. Although Blacks are the most left-leaning ethnic bloc in the United States – the most pro-peace constituency and the group that most closely resembles Sander’s beloved “Scandinavian Social Democrats” on economic issues – the bulk of Black voters have aligned themselves with the right wing of the Democratic Party, leading corporate pundits and pollsters to categorize Blacks as a “moderate” constituency within the Democratic sector of the duopoly electoral structure. Based on national voting behavior, the “left” side of the Democratic Party spectrum is now dominated by younger whites, who are locked in a struggle with their elders, Blacks and, to a lesser degree, Hispanics, for the “soul” of the Party.

Of course, the Democratic Party has no soul; it is a rich man’s machinery controlled by Hillary Clinton’s patrons on Wall Street – a fact that most Black voters understand quite well. They are fully aware that Clinton is deeply connected to the “fat cats” with the resources to mount a billion-dollar-plus campaign against the Republican/White Man’s Party, in November. The likelihood that the GOP candidate will be the unapologetically racist Donald Trump lends urgency to their allegiance with Clinton, the cackling war criminal and former “Goldwater girl” who co-championed all of her husband’s mass Black incarceration and poor Black family-crushing initiatives the last time they were in the White House.

Glen Ford, Executive Editor, Black Agenda Report

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Both Major U.S. Parties are Plagues on Humanity, Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report <> 

  • The two corporate parties have collaborated in knocking off countries targeted for invasion and regime change. They have both nurtured the jihadist international network that was created under presidents Carter and Reagan. And presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama are complicit in the capital crime of genocide in the Congo, where six million people have died since 1996. The presidential nominee of either party must be a ghoul, a fiend, or a banshee.
  • Chris Hedges | America's Electoral Farce