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Open letter to the US Catholic bishops: It's over.



This time, it has to be different. Bishops, the prolonged abuse scandal would suggest that you've not done very well taking stock of yourselves.
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Nov 9, 2018 | Dear brothers in Christ, shepherds, fellow pilgrims,

We address you as you approach this year's national meeting in Baltimore because we know there is nowhere left to hide.
It's over.

All the manipulations and contortions of the past 33 years, all the attempts to deflect and equivocate — all of it has brought the church, but especially you, to this moment.

It's over.

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Catholic Women Called ~ Bridget Mary Meehan

The only "serious confusion" among the faithful is just how long the Vatican will continue to parade indefensible arguments that attempt to limit the reaches of God's call.

Kate McElwee, Women's Ordination Conference

Submitted by Evergreene Digest Reader/Contributor Robert Wedl Evergreene Digest with an annual membership and let people know where you stand with the “Facts” hat. 1, 2018 | In this week's Catholic Women Called video, Bridget Mary Meehan, a bishop with the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests, reminds us that we are already making what some have called "impossible," possible. 

The bravery of the women of Catholic Women Called directly contradicts Archbishop Ladaria's assertion that the ban on women's ordination is doctrine definitively held. Catholic women hear and respond to God's call, no matter the cost. This, we know, is crystal clear. 

Kate McElwee, Executive Director, Women's Ordination Conference

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Cancel right-wing Supreme Court prayers

  • Even as the Catholic Church faces a historic crisis over sexual abuse, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is promoting a special season of prayer for a "change in the Supreme Court."
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Sept.8, 2018 | Without mentioning Brett Kavanaugh by name, the bishops have launched a nine-week "Novena for the Legal Protection of Human Life" which is all about abortion, with no mention of capital punishment, war, or poverty. the petition: Please immediately cancel the ill-timed "Novena for the Legal Protection of Human Life." Catholics need you to focus on reforming the church, not trying to advance President Trump's judicial nominations.

Catholics across America are yearning for honesty and transparency about the church's past and future. Instead they're being given yet more bulletin inserts with religious-right talking points about Roe v. Wade.

Faithful America is the largest and fastest-growing online community of Christians putting faith into action for social justice.

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Brett "Stonewall Justice" Kavanaugh, Compiled by the Marshall Project

The Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination is different from its predecessors in many ways. expand your impact by forwarding this story to any friends looking to get involved in 2018.


"Not by Might, Nor by Power": The Zionist Betrayal of Judaism ~ Moshe Menuhin

  • With a new introduction by Adi Ophir: An early and fierce critique of Zionism from a Jewish child of Palestine who argued against nationalism and injustice.
  • Described in Barnes and Noble

Born in 1893, Moshe Menuhin was part of the inaugural class to attend the first Zionist high school in Palestine, the Herzliya gymnasium in Tel Aviv. He had grown up in aHasidichome, but eventually rejected orthodoxy while remaining dedicated to Judaism.
As a witness to the evolution of Israel, Menuhin grew disaffected with what he saw as a betrayal of the Jews’ spiritual principles. This memoir, written in 1965, is considered the first revisionist history of Zionism. A groundbreaking document, it discusses the treatment of the Palestinians, the effects of the Holocaust, the exploitation of the Mizrahi Jewish immigrants, and the use of propaganda to win over public opinion in America and among American Jews. In a postscript added after the Six-Day War, Menuhin also addresses the question of occupation. This new edition is updated with an introduction by Israeli philosopher Adi Ophir, putting Menuhin’s work into a contemporary historical context.

Moshe Menuhin, one of the early anti-Zionists, once wrote … , “Jews should be Jews—not Nazis.” He was speaking of the Israeli oppression of Palestinians.

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