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Is America Willing to Be Freed from Its Demons?

  • The demons tempt us to violence, but there has always been a way to resist that temptation. We must follow the way of a God who will not release us either to our demons or to our despair.
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Willie James Jennings, Religion Dispatches activists brought the police tape from the scene of where Philando Castile was killed to Governor Mark Dayton's residence.

July 11, 2016 | There is a poignant story in the gospel of Mark where Jesus encounters a young man tormented by a demon.

The boy’s father, who desperately wants Jesus’ disciples to help him, has reached the point of exhaustion. The disciples cannot free the man’s son from the demon. The simple question we face at this moment in the United States is can we be freed from our demons?

The murders of Alton B. Sterling, Philando Castile, the five Dallas police officers, and the other black men killed last week who did not make the news show us our oppression. The problem with invoking the demonic is that such invocation has been used as a rhetorical band-aid to cover a wound far too serious to imagine recovery. Yet we must invoke the demonic now not to cover over what Wendell Berry called the racial wound but in order to understand the kind of resistance we face to our liberation.

Willie James Jennings is Associate Professor of Systematic Theology and Africana Studies at Yale University Divinity School and is an ordained minister.

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The Bandwagon of Hate: America’s Cancer, Odysseus Ward, The Angry Humanist

  • We either challenge the system and our long held perceptions of the people it harms or do nothing, and thus, contribute to the collapse.
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Beautiful words from the mighty Robin Williams .... gone but never, ever forgotten.

Make your life Spectacular


Spotted Portsmouth

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A Post-Dallas Challenge for Religious Progressives: Staying On Message About Structural Racism

We progressive clergy types and theology professors say that we “get” all this. Well and good. But now, more than ever before, our teaching ministry is urgently needed in the public square. It must be an uncompromising and courageous ministry. No false equivalence between centuries of anti-Black police abuse and the actions of a single madman in Dallas. No mincing of words about the ongoing need to shake the very foundations of white supremacy.

Peter Laarman, Religion Dispatches Now you can follow Evergreene Digest on Twitter.


"It is not light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake."

July 10, 2016 | The easily-predicted meme of the moment coming from law enforcement officials and their many political allies is a threefold rebuke to the entire criminal justice reform movement—not just #BlackLivesMatter but all of us who consider fighting the mass criminalization of people of color (and the engineered economic immiseration of people of color—most specifically Black people) to be the nation’s most urgent unfinished business.

The three main “beats” of the post-Dallas pushback are these:

  • The police put their lives on the line every day for public safety and deserve appreciation and deep respect for that;
  • They have been horribly smeared by a handful of opportunistic Black radicals, but the silent majority rejects the smear;
  • They are decent and honorable people who should not be smeared on account of handful of rogue individuals who wear the badge.

Peter Laarman is a United Church of Christ minister and activist who recently retired as executive director of Progressive Christians Uniting in Los Angeles. He remains involved in numerous justice struggles, in particular a campaign known as Justice Not Jails that calls upon faith communities to critique and combat the system of racialized mass incarceration often referred to as The New Jim Crow.

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How Bonhoeffer Dealt with the Despair of World Chaos

  • The chaos of the world makes many individuals want to throw up their hands and go hide in a bunker until the problems pass.
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Annie Holmquist, Intellectual Takeout  June 23, 2016 | Recent years have seen an interesting trend taking place amongst Americans: they’re less optimistic about the future.

In fact, an international survey in 2014 found that only 29 percent of Americans believed their life would be better than that of their parents. This same sentiment was held by the young people in many other western nations as well. (Chart)

Annie Holmquist is a research associate with Intellectual Takeout. In her role, she writes for the blog, conducts a variety of research for the organization's websites and social media pages, and assists with development projects. She particularly loves digging into the historical aspects of America's educational structure.

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101 Ways To Take Care of Yourself When the World Feels Overwhelming, Annie Wright, Upworthy

  • A therapist shares small ways to practice self-care.
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The Deadly Plague Of Homophobia

Religious convictions are not allowed as an excuse for violence.

Justin Utle, Huffington Post Now you can follow Evergreene Digest on Twitter. Photo/Rick Bowmer 

06/22/2016 | I was raised in Utah as a Mormon, in a strict, prescribed religion and culture that dominates the state. Like Islam and most religions, there is much good in Mormonism, including teachings of peace, free will and kindness. But there also exists self-righteousness, racial superiority, discrimination and sometimes hatred by people who claim to speak and act for the will of their God.

And there is also another doctrinal belief that many Muslims and Mormons share: That homosexuality is repugnant, a sin that deteriorates the family and is worthy of excommunication and exclusion from the one true path to God.

And if you “reject” that one true path, you are damned.

Justin Utley: Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter and Human Rights Advocate. Celebrated LGBT Icon and Ex-Gay Therapy Survivor. As seen on TV.

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