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Uri Avnery | On Lieberman, Israel’s New “Defense” Minister

  • Lieberman has made so many demeaning statements against Palestinians that most Israeli peace movement people see him as an overt racist and hater whose stated goal is to rid the Land of Israel of Palestinians.
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Uri Avnery, Tikkun

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May 20, 2016 | “Please don't write about Ya’ir Golan!” a friend begged me, “Anything a leftist like you writes will only harm him!”

So I abstained for some weeks. But I can’t keep quiet any longer.

General Ya’ir Golan, the deputy Chief of Staff of the Israeli army, made a speech on Holocaust Memorial Day. Wearing his uniform, he read a prepared, well-considered text that triggered an uproar which has not yet died down.

Dozens of articles have been published in its wake, some condemning him, some lauding him. Seems that nobody could stay indifferent.

Uri Avnery is chair of the Israeli Peace Movement Gush Shalom in Tel Aviv

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Exposing Israel’s ‘pinkwashing’ Toshio Meronek, Waging Nonviolence

  • While June is celebrated as Gay Pride month, it's also a time of actions for a growing movement committed to exposing Israel’s pro-gay messaging as cynical propaganda.
  • “In a lot of ways I think that Israel’s use of pinkwashing … shows you how threatened the powers that be are with losing legitimacy, and losing support.”