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What Corporate America Would Do If It Really Cared About Climate Change

  • CEOs are professing to care about the climate. But they’re still funding Republican climate-change deniers.
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Joe Conason, In These Times

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December 7, 2015 | Much as the world must hope that the governments assembled in Paris achieve their objectives, at the very least they have provided an occasion for business leaders of all descriptions to announce their commitment to climate sanity. With sponsorships, pledges and official statements, a long list of major corporations has declared that man-made climate change is real and must be reversed to save the earth—and their profits. 

Easy as it is to lampoon the professions of these corporate leaders, there should be little doubt that some, perhaps most, are sincere. They're sentient human beings, after all, whose children and grandchildren will have no choice but to live on this endangered planet. They say that is why they've publicly expressed support for successful negotiations in Paris and promised to reduce carbon emissions while using and investing in clean energy. 

Joe Conason is a nationally syndicated columnist.

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